St. Peter's Prep Lacrosse

St. Peter's Prep

Rigor Courage Discipline Commitment Lacrosse Prep, Incorporated (RCDC)


To develop contributing members of society, RCDC Lacrosse Prep commits itself to cultivating young men through mentoring, consistency, and teamwork. RCDC student athletes strive to develop self worth through industriousness, creativity, and drive. They value community building. And as a part of a team, students learn to hold each member of the group accountable in preparation for being men in diligent service to others as leaders and citizens.


We believe all students should have access to an excellent education, which consists of teaching critical thinking, cultivating the imagination, developing leadership, and supporting individual difference within collectivity. We believe student learning requires structure, care, and fun.

Values: Rigor, Courage, Discipline and Commitment (RCDC)

  • Rigor: An appreciation for and striving towards excellence of all kinds: intellectual, kinesthetic, spiritual, and emotional.
  • Courage: The quality to recognize fear and proactively address it.
  • Discipline: The attribute that teaches students the value of deferred gratification, the ability to cultivate skills that challenge them, the opportunity to learn how to surpass your expectations, and to transform what was once difficult into second nature.
  • Commitment: The quality of perpetual resilience

Coach Rodger Colbert
RCDC Lacrosse Prep, Inc.
1425 South Eads Street
Unit 901
Arlinton, VA 22202