St. Peter's Prep Lacrosse

St. Peter's Prep

Code of Conduct Saint Peter’s Prep Lacrosse

Players shall conduct themselves in a respectable manner in all instances related to the Saint Peter's Prep Lacrosse Program.

Thus the following behaviors will not be tolerated:

  1. Use of foul or abusive language on the field, in the locker room, on the team bus, or at any team function. Approach the game with some dignity, and you will be rewarded with an inspired squad poised for achievement.

  2. Dress other than school dress code for game days. Shirt and tie are mandatory for games. Other schools and the public judge us on how we carry ourselves, and a disheveled slacker look will damage any perceptions people may have that we are an elite lacrosse program at an academically challenging school.

  3. Criticism of other teammates, referees, or coaching staff. We lift people up, not put them down. There are flaws in all of us, and pointing fingers and tearing down other people is highly destructive to the morale of the program. Do not insult teammates or coaches. Point thumbs, not fingers.

  4. Profane music in the locker room. The dehumanization of people through moronic popular music lyrics is not in line with Prep athletics. The team playlist will need to be approved by the coaching staff.

  5. Behavior that favors what is good for the individual instead of what is good for the team. Arrogance and conceit will get you nowhere. Braggadocio is destructive. Treat everyone in the program with equal respect. Mentor younger players. Be a team guy.

  6. Neglect of academic responsibilities. Ineligibility for participation is just the tip of the iceberg for a student who isn’t motivated in his academic pursuits. This neglect will jeopardize far more than lacrosse. Consult with Mr. Morrissey regarding tutoring support.

  7. Complaints about playing time. Once again, this is a team, and we win through relentless effort, resilience, and intelligence. No one player carries a team. Be concerned with bettering yourself by asking coaches, “What can I do to improve?”

  8. Trashed locker rooms after every practice and game. We are guests at whatever field we play. There is absolutely no reason for any garbage to be left on the floors of locker rooms. Anything less than a spotless room is unacceptable. Stewardship is highly valued here.

Show gratitude for the opportunities that you have been given. No one is entitled to anything in life. You are part of a community far bigger than the Lacrosse Program. Take pride in your institution and your character, and it will translate to the field.