St. Peter's Prep Lacrosse

St. Peter's Prep



**All Non-Fall/Non-Winter Athletes MUST participate in our Off-Season Program.

Expectations for Workouts:

• 1 unexcused absence from a lacrosse workout = 1 Game Suspension in the Spring.

• 2 Unexcused Workouts from a non-Fall Athlete, non-Winter Athlete will result in that player not being able to tryout in the Spring.

• All players MUST EMAIL COACH MORRISSEY going forward about a missed workout while cc’ing Liam Brown and Liam Kagel.

• If you have been using a trainer for the past month, I need the following information via email by Tuesday, October 30:

• The days of the week that you are seeing your trainer including times.

• What you are SPECIFICALLY doing with your trainer

• His or her email AND phone number

• Going forward, students must email Mr. Morrissey on Friday of every week with a note from their trainer. Failure to do this will result in missed practices being unexcused and dismissal from the lacrosse team for 2018-2019.