St. Peter's Prep Lacrosse

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The St. Peter’s Prep Lacrosse Players – Ethics & Responsibility

All players in the Lacrosse Program will be required to read, understand and live the St. Peter’s Prep Lacrosse Team Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct expected of ALL Program Participants:

  • Players must hold themselves and their Teammates in an exemplary manner both “On and Off” the field by conducting themselves in an ethical and sportsman like way in pursuing the goals of Team and the greater Prep Community

  • Understand the honor, privilege and responsibility that comes with being a member of the Lacrosse Team and Program

  • Promote and assist in developing a sense of Community around Prep Lacrosse by working together to encourage fellow and prospective Teammates

  • Participate in the Prep Lacrosse Annual Service Project(s) in support of the greater lacrosse community and goals of the Program

  • Players have a responsibility to contribute time to the efforts of the Marauder Lacrosse Booster Club by promoting Prep and the Program during their time as students and alumni of St. Peter’s Prep.
  • Foster a belief in the importance of giving back to Prep as adults.

We hold our Players and the Lacrosse Program to a very high standard. We promote the game of lacrosse and life and practice both everyday we take the field. The lessons will aid our young men in making appropriate decisions throughout their lives and through this, help them understand the importance of living “for the greater glory of God”, the Jesuit motto


Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam